The shipping company Rosavtodorinvest

Cargo water transportation
Towage of any complexity
Supply of non-metallic building materials

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About the company

The shipping company Rosavtodorinvest

The shipping company Rosavtodorinvest was established in 1999. At present, the company has at its disposal; a Pusher Tug -913 with a capacity of 800 h.p., a Pusher Tug of "Shluzovoi-23" with a capacity of 640 h.p., a Diesel Towboat Project 1606 with a capacity of 150 h.p., two barges with load -carrying capacity of 3500 tonnes, one barge with load -carrying capacity of 3750 tonnes and a Floating Crane CPL-284 with load -carrying capacity of 5 tonnes.

The basic activities: Towage of any complexity, cargo transportation of inert materials for the metallurgical, road and construction companies, timber, ferro-concrete products, metal, metal scrap, other cargoes, supply of non -metallic construction materials.

We have experience in towage of complex objects for the Ministry of Defence, oil and gas companies, pilotage on inland waterways.

For these purposes we use our own fleet and in case of need a leased fleet.