The shipping company Rosavtodorinvest

Cargo water transportation
Towage of any complexity
Supply of non-metallic building materials

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The shipping company Rosavtodorinvest

The Company Rosavtodorinvest, LTD is a reliable and an experienced shipping company in the sphere of towage and cargo transportation. Our experience in the transportation of various cargoes and in towage of complex, non-standard objects, allows us to settle all complex tasks aimed to ensure that your cargo, whether it is a big or a small consignment, reaches the destination safely and on time.

At present the shipping company Rosavtodorinvest has the following at its disposal:

  • Pusher tug -913, capacity 800 h.p.
  • Pusher tug "Shluzovoi-23", capacity 600 h.p.
  • Three barges with load -carrying capacity of 3500 tonnes
  • Floating crane CPL-284 with load- carrying capacity of 5 tonnes

The shipping company Rosavtodorinvest

Our advantages:

  • An extensive experience in towing, including that of the higher complexity;
  • Presence of our own fleet;
  • Flexible system of tariffs;
  • High level of service;
  • Convenient location between Moscow and St. Petersburg;
  • Individual approach to each client.

We render our services in the area of towage, cargo transportation, cargo handling, and we supply non-metallic construction materials too. We are willing to consider any offers for freight-schemes of our fleet. For the implementation of our objectives, we use our own fleet and in case of need the chartered one.